Just three years ago, I was working a job that had me coming home and crying on my bedroom floor everyday.

I worked my ASS off to get my position
at work and was climbing the ladder steadily.

But inside I was dying. I felt completely lost and hopeless. Could this be it? Is this really all life has to offer. It can’t be. No it can’t be.

Maybe I’ll quit! That’s it. I’ll quit and be a bartender. Move to Costa Rica and find myself. No can’t do that. My parents will freak out. And I still have debt to pay off.

Fitness blogger maybe?


......anything. I was so desperate for change.

My soul was banging on doors just begging for one to open. I looked at job sites daily. Even Craig’s list. 😳

You know what FINALLY made the difference. Me. Deciding. And choosing myself.

After consistently listening to Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and really any personal development I could get my hands on, I finally made the call and went all in on myself.

I invested $5k (money I didn’t have) and hired my first coach.

Over that next year, my life completely 180’d.. The Universe served me a beautiful exit to that job, I doubled my income, wrote my first book, and now I live every day with joy and purpose.

Yes I’m human, I have my days. But there is no more crying on the floor. No more hopelessness and wondering if I will ever live my best life. I’m here. Doing it now.

Often I think....what if I hadn’t made that leap?

I had no idea what would happen but all I knew was I could not take another day.

So I leaped. And the ceiling became my floor.

I’m here to tell you change IS possible.

No matter where you are.